Predestination – The Final Word

Much has been written on this website and around the world wide web on the subject of Predestination versus Free Will. This will be my final word on the subject. It is the most concise explanation I can give.

There is an old philosophical question. “Can God create a rock so big He cannot move it?” The answer is obviously “No!”. To understand the Christian … Read the whole post “Predestination – The Final Word”

RC Views On Predestination – Dr. Brant Pitre

I am beginning to think that the subject of heaven and hell should first be discussed before engaging in the subject of predestination. The reason I bring the subject of heaven and hell up is that predestination has to do with those two primary destinations

For now, suffice it to say that hell is not one single level according to Jesus. Jesus said in … Read the whole post “RC Views On Predestination – Dr. Brant Pitre”

Free Will

The views and opinions expressed here are just that. You will make up your own mind. Rom 14:12

People who love the Lord have various views in relation to the term free will. We agree that we make choices. I also agree that we have something called a “sense of agency”. Sense of agency refers to the feeling of control over actions and their consequences.… Read the whole post “Free Will”

Predestination Part 2 -On Free Will

Remain dispassionate

After receiving comments on the first post on Predestination I realized I should have outlined many things in the beginning. To some, it is a new concept. To others, it is known but has not been objectively considered. All serious thinkers who initially come in contact with the Biblical teaching on predestination agree it is hard. It initially fills newcomers with perplexity and … Read the whole post “Predestination Part 2 -On Free Will”