Much has been written on this website and around the world wide web on the subject of Predestination versus Free Will. This will be my final word on the subject. It is the most concise explanation I can give.

There is an old philosophical question. “Can God create a rock so big He cannot move it?” The answer is obviously “No!”. To understand the Christian view of God in predestination we must acknowledge He, is Allmighty, All-Powerful, and Always Present. These are called the Omni Attributes of God and are usually said this way: omnipotentomniscientomnipresent. What He cannot do is deny or exceed Himself. I do not know of a Christian denomination that teaches otherwise.

In Christianity, the arguments usually go back and forth between God’s foreknowing versus predestining. Now foreknowledge and predestination would be two different things if we were talking about a limited man with limited knowledge. It is quite a different thing when we are speaking of the Christian God.

For the sake of argument let’s accept that Jesus and the Apostles were wrong or misunderstood and God simply foreknew all things that would come to pass.

Since we agree that God foreknew all things that would come to pass and He decided to create the universe as it is, isn’t that the same result as predestining all things that come to pass?

If that is the way you see it then there is no disagreement. It is a distinction without a difference. If God foreknew and then did it knowing the end from the beginning it is a done deal and there is no changing it. God is already in the future, there is no beginning or end for Him. We are the ones who experience time.

If you hold a finite view of God you are worshiping another god (little g). Not the God of Christians.