One of the biggest challenges I have faced is the argument over creation. I want to address this immediately as it will often come up.

I’m a very serious person when it comes to science and the philosophical theories that surround the subject of creation. I do not understand the equations that physicists use to attempt to explain their theories. I do understand when they explain in layman’s terms.

This area of science is always evolving, changing, and being challenged. Whatever I post here today will be different at some point in the not-too-distant future. However, it will all come down to one thing. Nobody knows and we are all just guessing. That puts science and faith on a similar level in my mind.

I am not saying I can prove what I believe. To me, everything is a sliding scale of sorts. We all have a certain measure of how much we buy into anything. It is important to keep what we believe and what we know for sure distinct in our minds. Frankly, this is the heart of the matter.

Science has recently started to question everything. Maybe it always did but with the proliferation of the internet and YouTube there is a broader understanding and it is easy to access.

I could write a whole book on this subject but will resist the temptation. Let’s bottom line a few things by referencing some science videos. You may not have the time to watch them. However, I will not entertain a question in relation to creation and reality unless you do.

Here is the first video and it is relatively short. This is the bare minimum you should be familiar with before challenging anything from the creationist point of view.

Physicists Proved the Universe Isn’t Real

This video is from November 2022 for reference. I’m sure there will be newer ones along these lines every now and then. Until this one (from science) is factually answered then there is no logical way to argue against creation as Christians see it.

What Actually Are Space And Time?

This video is much longer and is also from 2022. You may find it a bit of a challenge to get through but I believe it is worth the watch. You will see science admits just how much it does not understand about the universe, creation, beginning, and end. Lots of theories but nothing else. Again, we are on equal footing here. I’m not saying anyone is able to prove their side better than the other.