There is a lot to say on the subject of science versus religion in general, let alone Christianity specifically. At the top of that list is creation and as we dig further I suggest the very nature of reality itself.

You might think the “science” is settled. However, here is just one of the latest things baffling science.

It is also interesting that Elon Musk is still pursuing an AI specifically to discover the nature of reality. Here is what Elon’s Grok AI said in response to the question:

Yes, Elon Musk is still actively working on developing AI to uncover the mysteries of the universe. His company, xAI, is dedicated to understanding the true nature of reality.

Below is the original embedded answer:

Now, if we admit that we do not understand the nature of reality and that science is constantly changing its mind, how can it refute our Christian faith? I’m just asking a logical question.